An electronic signature system that can be used outside of your company: a novel solution

Until recently, electronic signature systems –  the electronic counterpart of signature books in the paper world – were a means of validating documents through a system of seals and/or signatures. Their use remained within the boundaries of administrations, corporate groups, companies and even departments. There was no communication with the outside world!
However, the popularisation of paperless processes following the legal recognition of digital writing and the explosion of e-commerce are bringing vitality to online contracting. To protect against identity theft, document alterations (special clauses or TOS, for example), disputes over withdrawal liability, etc., it is important to be sure about the identity of the signers, the traceability, the integrity and the archival of documents. This is why electronic certificates were developed –  they enable digital trust and paperless transactions.
The combination of an electronic signature system and a single-use electronic certificate for co-signers outside of the company (clients, providers, administrations, etc.) opens up new prospects for electronic, multi-channel commerce requiring real-time control.

EMIO and KERIO, two products from the DOCUMYS (a trademark of Altamys) range, offer this winning combination. These solutions for paperless contract exchanges make it possible for companies to create an environment of trust conducive to gaining online business as well as to establish smooth relations with their providers.