ARIO, the basic solution of the range


  • A structuring tool: implements internal certification and validation procedures.
  • A smartphone application: an internal electronic signature system that can be used outside of the office.
  • A tool for electronically managing your documents (dating and filing).
  • An intuitive interface: looks like an e-mail messaging system.

Taking control of your documents and going paperless

One of the first steps in going paperless requires being able to internally exchange all of the company’s documents that require validation. The word “internally” doesn’t necessarily infer physically being at the workplace, since mobility is a part of everyday business. This would therefore require developing more than just an electronic exchange system, lest e-mail be re-invented! Hence the idea of adding the concept of “signature” and integrity. An electronic signature system it would be. 

Streamlining internal decision circuits

You’re at the office or on the move, and you have a document in a digital format (scanned paper files or office files). You choose to execute an internal validation circuit (seal, signature, copy, etc.) Tracking indicators allow you to monitor the processing of your document. The validating parties can respond to you from either their computers or smartphones. When your document is returned, sealed, signed and/or annotated, it is completely effective and can be filed and archived.

ARIO: 17 features and one licence for 10 users.


The DOC & FINANCES trade show will be held on 24 and 25 January at the CNIT La Défense.

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