EMIO, the advanced solution


  • A global digital contracting solution.
  • Third party contracting: single-use electronic certificates for co-signers outside of the company who don’t have electronic certificates.
  • Alerts and tracking indicators to monitor document processing.
  • Compatibility with touch screen devices.

Getting your documents signed and going paperless

With EMIO, you’ll truly be able to enjoy the advantages of digital contracting. First and foremost, this solution offers an improved electronic signature system that takes into account different types of signatures (handwritten, scanned, certificates) and even secure QR codes. It can also organise stakeholders into a hierarchy (co-signatures or over-signatures). Additionally, this solution makes it entirely possible to sign documents in batches.

But EMIO takes it even further, going beyond what an ERP contract system or an electronic signature system can do. The true challenge that companies face is getting their paperless documents signed by, or exchanged with, individuals outside of the company and obtaining their agreement.
So how can this exchange be made easier, especially when the third party doesn’t have an electronic certificate? The answer: by going through a contract server.
This is what DOCUMYS innovation can do for you.
In this case, the server generates a single-use electronic certificate for the contracting party, which gives legal value to their signature and therefore probative value to the document thus signed.  

EMIO: 24 features and one licence for 20 users


The DOC & FINANCES trade show will be held on 24 and 25 January at the CNIT La Défense.

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